Necromantic Cemetary Ghost Portal Amulet Luminita Estate

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Cemetery Ghost

Portal Amulet

This supernatural amulet is from the private collection of my friend’s deceased Grandmother, Luminita, a Romanian Gypsy. Luminita lived a very happy, long and fulfilling life. She was born into a long line of powerful Romani Gypsy Witches; her mother and grandmother (both Mediums), taught her the Secrets of herbs and incantations for incredibly effective Craftwork; as well as how to tap into her natural abilities. She spent years dedicated to her mission of enhancing other’s lives through alternative means. She had love, money and anything she could ever need, but success to her meant helping others through her phenomenal abilities. She never hesitated to assist anyone who asked. She was born with a caul, which brings natural Occult powers of clairvoyance, telepathy and many unique abilities.

Luminita held a Necromantic Samhain Ritual within an Ancient Celtic Graveyard to call upon all of the Souls who desired to remain in our physical realm to assist humans. This amulet acts as a gateway to the Otherworld, and through it, thousands of ghosts can enter through to enhance your Earthly existence! These Souls are comprised of men and women of various ages as well as pets and other animals. These Spirits can find comfort and solace in your company, as well as assist you in their own special ways. They can bring protection, guidance, reveal prophecies, bring positive people into your life and help better your life in many unique ways that will be personal to you. Do not demand anything from them, just be welcoming and open to their loyal assistance. They can also help bridge the connection from our Physical Realm to the Spiritual, helping you to communicate with those who are deceased, including your Ancestors, as well as any other type of entity you may have in your Metaphysical collection.

This Amulet is an extremely active paranormal piece, so if paranormal activity scares you, please do not purchase! The best home for this piece is a ghost-friendly home. This Amulet is packed full of paranormal phenomenon and has demonstrated the following: orbs, mists, odd light activity, feeling as though you are not alone or being watched (a strong presence is in the room), doors opening or closing by themselves, lights turning off and on, doorbell or phone ringing and no one is there, odd bumps, taps & noises, cold dips in temperature, feeling goosebumps/tingles, pets watching or chasing an invisible “something”, smelling perfume, smoke or any abnormal smell, electrical disturbances, full body spectral apparitions and hearing disembodied voices (talking, laughing, crying, etc.) They will never harm or intentionally scare you or your loved ones, they are merely trying to make connections with you and let you know they are there. Be prepared for any type of paranormal activity that can occur as a result of welcoming this amulet.

This amulet features the natural image of a Cloaked Specter and his friend wearing an Irish cap. These are incredible natural formations in the gemstone and truly One-of-a-kind! Set in solid .925 sterling silver with a vintage patina. Free sterling silver recharging chain in your choice of size included. You do not have to wear to benefit. No formal ritual required. Do not miss out on this remarkable amulet!

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